The China-United States Exchange Foundation is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental foundation committed to the belief that a positive and peaceful relationship between the strongest developed nation and the most populous, fast-developing nation is essential for global wellbeing. Founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and privately funded, CUSEF builds platforms to encourage constructive dialogue and diverse exchanges between the people of the U.S. and China.


The China-United States Exchange Foundation was established.

First visit of U.S. Officials

In the years since, more than 120 officials have traveled to our Hong Kong headquarters in 22 separate tours.

Research program initiated

CUSEF initiated Climate Change research study with The Brookings Institute. Since this initial research collaboration, nearly 20 research projects with various institutions have been produced.

China-US Focus launched

We launched China-US Focus, an open-platform website dedicated to sharing scholarly thoughts and opinions on the diverse set of issues and factors impacting the relationship between these two countries.

African American Students Exchange Program started

As of 2018, more than 650 students have explored China through this program.

First "China-US Focus Digest" issued

The publishing of CUSEF’s the bimonthly magazine “China-US Focus Digest” began, sharing the analysis of China-US Focus with institutions throughout the U.S. and China.

In-country program for American postgraduates began

CUSEF hosted its first delegation of American post-graduate students. Over 270 students have benefited from various projects through 19 visits as of 2018.

Chinese version of China-US Focus launched

The Chinese version of China-US Focus of China-US Focus is launched, expanding the audience of this scholarly website to new audiences in mainland China.

Inaugural China Forum

We organized the inaugural China Forum. Over the years, CUSEF has partnered with 6 separate universities throughout the United States to sponsor 12 China Forums.

First Chinese version of China-US Focus Digest issued

Expanding on the Chinese website, we published the first issue of the Chinese version of China-US Focus Digest

Podcast At Large launched

In a collaboration with journalist and television presenter James Chau, CUSEF launched its weekly international affairs podcast, At Large.

The China Current Launched

Launched multi-media platform The China Current.